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We offer our market experience and provide in-house tracking solutions, as well an easy integration within Admitad Mobile platform with popular mobile trackers. Our team cooperates with independent media buying teams and mobile-first partners, who have an extended traffic reach. We cooperate directly with major social media platforms and ad networks, and build successfully performing CPI campaigns.

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We provide traffic from the most popular platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Yandex, TikTok, DSP/RTB platforms, Apple Ads Search.

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Case study

1000 active clients (broker account transactions)
Investment App
Up to 130,000 installs per month
3000+ unique buyers per month
Shopping App – TikTok Ads Traffic
Up to 27,000 orders from new users per month
Shopping app for Android
Up to 350,000 installs per month
Utility app for Android
Find out how Admitad Mobile Performance Network can help you manage and boost the entire app performance.

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